Nigel Mustapha

Nigel Mustapha, age 54, Boulder Colorado native, learned from a great spiritual leader, Maharishi, “the great seer”, a yogi that developed Transcendental Meditation, that in one’s spiritual practice, the ingestion of drugs or chemicals could be a part of one’s spiritual journey. This, however, was not true in the way that one would imagine.

Nigel Mustapha learned that when one was in the state of mind of meditation, taking a drug can be a challenge or a test to this state of mind. To take something and to see beyond the temporary illusion in perception in creates. To remain in the “primordial state of mind” no matter the effect of something ingested, and to realize that that effect was just as temporary as the actual process of living, the “regular” perception of life, and the presence of Samsara, or the discernable world.

Nigel Mustapha, Medical Marijuana

Nigel Mustapha in observing the individuals who ventured into his spiritual center, often found that they were inspired by their experience with drugs to pursue truth, spirituality, and the foundations of the mind. As a result, Nigel Mustapha decided to create a net, or a channel for these people, and to turn their curiosity into something productive by pointing them from drugs to meditation.

A visitor by the name of Chuck Avery in recent years, visited Nigel Mustapha after just having opened a medical marijuana dispensary. Chuck brought many visitors and friends to Nigel Mustapha’s center in order to trace back the routes of various famous practitioners such as Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, and the famous Zen master D. T. Suzuki. Mustapha saw much potential in the visitors, in that their enthusiasm for these people and their way of life could be easily translated into their own spiritual realization.

Nigel Mustapha thus welcomed them and agreed that they be able to set up a dispensary next door to his center, and be welcome, along with their influx of patrons and tourists from visiting states, to practice, sit, and participate in chants and reflections regularly.

While Nigel Mustapha’s unnamed spiritual center was kept relatively quiet in the days of his parents and his earlier life, since the legalization and decriminalization of medical marijuana in Boulder Colorado, Nigel Mustapha’s spiritual commune has become a place of even greater foot traffic, and has help many build interest in meditation and more importantly, the desire to practice compassion and goodwill to others.